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Healon Family of OVDs

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The HEALON® Family of OVDs. The only OVDs you'll ever need.

Cohesive OVDs

Viscoadaptive OVDs

Dispersive OVDs

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The complete HEALON® family of OVDs delivers more choices for improved protection and control. For over 30 years, the HEALON® family of OVDs has set the bar for standards in OVD reliability.

AMO Family of Viscoelastic Products


Understanding certain terms can help you determine which OVD from the HEALON® family of OVDs is right for you and your patient.


  • Stands for Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device
  • OVDs serve to protect the fragile, single layer of endothelial cells during IOL placement
    – Once these cells are damaged, they will not grow back
  • OVDs maintain critical anterior chamber space during the phaco process
  • AMO OVDs are made of sodium hyaluronate (NaHA), a naturally occurring substance in the body


  • Ability of a solution to resist flow. This term refers to the thickness of the OVD relative to water, which is measured in mPas
  • Viscosity is determined by molecular weight (higher MW = higher viscosity) and concentration

Molecular Weight

  • Consists of chain length, coil positioning and molecular dimension
  • Higher molecular weight has a larger chain and lower molecular weight has a smaller chain

Cohesive OVDs

  • Have a higher molecular weight and longer chains, which helps the material to adhere to itself and resist breaking apart
  • Cohesives are, in general, easily aspirated and irrigated
  • Cohesives maintain anterior chamber space during the phaco process
  • HEALON® OVD and HEALON GV OVD are cohesive OVDs

Viscoadaptive OVDs

  • Offer properties of both cohesive and dispersive OVDs, and are designed to provide maximum control throughout surgery
  • Ideal for floppy iris (IFIS) management
  • HEALON5 OVD is a viscoadaptive OVD

Dispersive OVDs

  • Provide endothelial cell protection and retention during the phaco process
  • Have a lower molecular weight and shorter chains
  • HEALON® EndoCoat OVD is a dispersive OVD

Characteristics of the entire HEALON® Family of OVDs

  • Composed of sodium hyaluronate
  • Latex-free


HEALON®, HEALON GV, HEALON5 and HEALON® EndoCoat OVDs are intended for use in anterior segment ophthalmic surgical procedures of the human eye, designed to create and maintain a deep anterior chamber that facilitates manipulation inside the eye, and can be used to efficiently separate and control ocular tissues.

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